What the hell am I eating?

Usually, I didn’t have any concerns about the food. Now, I worry a bit…

When you think about your health, the biggest issue is – food. So I decided to give a chance to healthy food I eat. First, I add more veggies to my everyday meal. Second, I try to balance my daily needs for all nutrients and finally, third, I will try to eat not treated food. This third goal I cannot fulfill completely cause I have just a little garden that I gave a try last year. From this year, I go full mode on! Furthermore, with so much sports activities, I really want to have quality meals.

I am a big fan of documentary movies. Yes, I watch many of them and that is how I learned English that good. I need to get back in my teenage age when we had cable television and I looked many documentaries about nature, history and other stuff they have been playing on. Nowadays, you can find a bunch of them on the internet, my favorite website is TopDocumentaryFilms.com.

Here I want to tell and give links to documentaries that have a big influence on me and maybe you find it also interesting to watch. At least, inform yourself about what the hell are you eating!

Origins (2014.)This one I just watched yesterday and it gave me a push to write this post.

Food, Inc. (2008) – Is one of many with food production subject. This one is with Croatian subtitles.

Farm for the future (2009.) – Well it is about farming in the future.

Permaculture: A quiet revolution (2008.)One of many documentaries on the subject how to grow your own food by designing your own plot into the healthy food resource.

This is just top of the iceberg. For any more, you need to search for yourself and find what best suits you and your needs

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