5 good reasons why you should have a vegetable garden

1. Gardening is antidepressant drug

I am not a doctor to give you a prescription if you struggle with depression, but I have some experience that made me think the garden is an antidepressant drug. More time I spent gardening, the better boost of positive feeling I have. Think about it for a moment: you are outside, surrounded by nature, you “play” with your vegetables (or flowers) and it is an excellent start point to feel good. Even if you live in a flat, you can have a little garden on your balcony. I remember a time back home in Croatia where I grow tomatoes in pots on the balcony. I even did that here Germany.  You can also read an interesting post about “Why gardening makes you happy” from Robyn Francis.

2. Garden teaches you patience

That is right! You have to be patient with your garden. You can’t hurry your plants to grow faster. Plants have their own pace and you can’t do anything about it. Furthermore, if you plant from the seeds, it takes few mounts to give first fruit. Just this year, at the end of March, we planted organic cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and so on, but until the middle of the summer, I didn’t know if we gonna get our yield. Tomatoes explode at end of the August and cabbages are still in the garden growing as I write this post. 

Seeds on the window sill in April

3. You are learning new skills

Hell yeah! There is no better way to learn how to saw, repair, build and even invent something that will fit your need. I was never more preoccupied with work and more happy to learn things that I never did before. And that is just a tip of an iceberg! Out there are so many skills to learn and they are just waiting for you. Go for it!

I replaced pallet on water tank

4. You are spending more time outside

This is a very important topic! More time outside will get you more fresh air and make you feel better than ever. Most of us are working “9 to 5” jobs, so to say. Some of that is afternoon shifts, some are night shifts, but most of us are working in closed space or area. We live in a flat or house, we commute in a bus/car/train, we spend at least 8 hours or more working and then we do same to come back home, in our “birdcage”. What I want to say, we have been gathering-hunting species for thousands of years, and suddenly, we are trapped in this treadmill life with so little fresh air. Time to move out! 

5. Growing your own food is like printing your own money

This sentence said it all! You put little investment in equipment, spend some time working (it is actually a hobby), and after a few mounts, you are eating your own food. Just beautiful.

One of many harvests from the garden