Vegetable organic gardening and joyful work all year round. My YouTube channel is all about how I cope with everyday tasks in the garden.

I’m from Croatia and since 2014. I’m living in the Black Forest, Germany. Casual gardening is my hobby, and I enjoy making my hands dirty. Besides that, I’m learning to play guitar, and I love to travel.

I am a fresh gardener with some experience and you are gonna see casual, natural going planting that can provide enough food for our household and lots of happy moments we spend outside, as well as cooking in our kitchen.

“Frolic” definition

Verb – play or move about in a cheerful and lively way.
Noun – a playful and lively movement or activity.
Adjective archaic – cheerful, merry, or playful.

“Fella” definition

The informal or non-standard spelling of fellow used in representing speech in various dialects.
Synonym – chap, dude, lad, bloke…